2017 Book Reading Challenge 12: Discworld series – Pyramids


Author: Terry Pratchett

Publisher: Transworld

Location of publisher: London 

Year of publication: 1989

Number of pages: 368

Fiction or nonfiction: Fiction

Have I read this book before? No

Date I finished reading it: 2 March 2017

Genres: Fantasy, sci fi, Discworld.

Personal reflections upon reading this text:

I know, I’m terrible.

Why has it taken me some 30+ years to get onto a book series that is roughly as old as I am?

The answer is a little bit sad and similar to my excuse for being slow to the Harry Potter bandwagon:

I didn’t read it because I thought of it as my sister’s thing.

As if her interest in a book series would preclude my own capacity to enjoy it myself. I don’t know. I guess we were similar, yet vastly different people growing up. She had her fantasy stories and cute little English stories; I had my vampire novels and sci fi books.

I first started reading the Discworld books about a year ago. The Husband randomly decided to watch a tv movie of Hogfather, a two-part series based on Pratchett’s novel. I think The Husband read somewhere that it was an INTJ kind of story and as an INTJ he was curious to see what that meant. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to borrow the novel from the library.

I was hooked and over subsequent months borrowed several Terry Pratchett Discworld novels.

They are a little bit hit-and-miss for me: I like some a lot more than others. But I have found all of them very good. So it’s more a case of finding some of them brilliant and others really good.

I enjoyed Pyramids – it was a quick read for me. The funny jokes about quantum mechanics and the clever story of the power of geometry and tradition left me marvelling – as I often do – at how incredibly genius Pratchett must have been. How his funny fiction is often very deep, and shows a profound understanding of all kinds of spheres of human thought.